My Why


aladyAs a single mom, I needed to supplement my income to cover our necessities & create some cushion for the extras. I also needed the work to be flexible.

Over the years I tried Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Homemade Gourmet and Jamberry.  None of them provided the brand recognition, varied product line, affordability and ease of serving the customer all in one company.

Enter Avon! Do you know Avon has clothing, jewelry, home décor, toys and beauty products? With such a varied product line and over 130 years of trusted brand recognition – it almost sells itself.  Shop for yourself & see!

I am always looking for new business partners to enjoy this ride with me. Could that be you?

No parties for you? No problem. Word of mouth and social media maven? It is YOUR business – you determine your marketing strategy. What are you waiting for? Start your future now!

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